District 11: Most Popular Colorado Colleges Applied and Enrolled In

       Listed below are the most popular public and private options as determined by applications and enrollment by District 11

students in previous years.  Click on the school logos below that will take you to a school's website. Learn as much as you can about a school's academics, programs, costs, school culture, and the opportunities that can be of benefit to you.   

Reference: National Student Clearinghouse (2012)

4 -Year Public Colleges

    UCCS Signature.png           CSU.jpg                                   UCCS Boulder.png                                  cmu-logo.png     

        CSU Pueblo.png                                 cuDenver_horiz_4c.jpg                       Western State Colorado University.png                                    Adams State University.png  


       Colorado School of the Mines.jpg                                          cmu-logo.png                                Fort Lewis College.jpg                                    Community College of Aurora.png ‚Äč

4 Year Private or Military


   primary_nav_logo.gif                                                       Colorado College in Colorado Springs.png                                                          Air_Force_Falcons.svg.png


2-Year Public

      CSU Pueblo.png            CMC_RGB_H-400w.png         FRCC-Logo.png            NJC_Logo_240x200-239x200.png                  Scripted O logo.jpg 

  5 things to learn about on a college website?

1. Tuition Costs (how much does it cost to attend?)

2.  Admissions (how do you get admitted/accepted into the college?)

3.  School Size & Culture (how large is the school, and what do you think of the school culture?)

4.  Programs & Degrees (what kind of degrees and programs are offered that match your interests and goals?)

5. Activities & Opportunities (what types of activities and opportunities are there for you to learn and gain experience during your college life?)