Postsecondary Application Essay: A Lot Like Making a Hamburger   

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 Many Postsecondary institutions will have you write a 250-750 word essay as part of your application. Here are three (3) tips to consider in your essay:

 1.  Present your thoughts and ideas clearly and with correct spelling and grammar.

2.  Be sure to answer the question so that it reflects your personality, experiences, and your interest in a particular school or program.

 3. Have several people read and make suggestions and comments on your application essay before submitting it.


 The Common Application allows you to apply to approximately 700 different schools with one application. Not every school uses The Common Appliation; however, The Common Application releases essay questions that are used in their application. Many colleges and technical schools may use a similar type essay question on their application. The essay writing prompts found below are a useful tool for practice for students working on an admissions essay.

Writing Tips from Websites & Articles

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